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This Week’s Comic Pull List

Book of the week: Devil's Reign #6

Chip Zdarsky brings a close to Devil’s Reign, his incredible 2 years storyline of Daredevil blaming himself for the death of a criminal, and the fallout that followed. Matt brings an end to The Kingpin’s entire as the Mayor of New York with the help of the rest of the Marvel superhero community. 

I’d never been a big reader of Daredevil until Chip’s run. Even though some of my favorite creators had their run with the hero, this is the first time a story just captured me from the first issue. 

The best thing this run ha given us is Elektra taking up the mantle of Daredevil and protecting Hell’s Kitchen in the wake of Matt Murdock’s incarceration. Her devil outfit is possibly one of the coolest redesign for a hero in a long time. I’m hoping she stays with the mantle, also being seen in her spin-off series, Daredevil, Woman Without Fear. 

I believe Chip isn’t done with the character, rebooting the series with a #1 after this issue. I’ll definitely continue reading after this incredible run.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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