About Todd Kelley

Grumpy Designer. Motion Graphics Specialist. Boom Bap Producer. Hipster DJ. Fiction Writer. Media Blogger. Rare Grooves Enthusiast. Inspiration for @zombietodd.
Adobe Photoshop 95%
Final Cut Pro X 95%
Microsoft Powerpoint 95%
Adobe Illustrator 90%
Adobe Muse 85%
Adobe After Effects 85%
Adobe Dreamweaver 80%
Keynote 80%
Sketch 75%

Video Shooting/Editing

Everything from Corporate videos to music videos, I'm skilled in shooting, editing and effects compositing.


Over two decades of Corporate presentation design, using Microsoft Powerpoint and now.. Keynote.


Using prototyping apps like Sketch and Principle, I'm building concept designs and mobile app UI for development.

Motion Graphics

Using Adobe Creative Suite, I turn print and web branding into dynamic motion for the web.


I manage, update and design multiple personal and corporate WordPress websites.

Graphic Design

Branding companies from concept to completion, I use Adobe Creative Suite to create logos and other collateral pieces.


I am a California-born design creative, currently focusing on video editing and motion graphics. With over 20+years of experience, I started in college with a major in Radio, Television & Film. I taught myself graphic design to earn extra money during school but later chose it as my profession. Never feeling satisfied with my skillset, I went on to tackle presentations, web design and eventually video editing and motion graphics.


An Oakland Producer/DJ by way of South Central Los Angeles, The Big La’s style is smoothed-out 90’s style Hip-Hop. Following the path of his favorites: Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, DJ Premier and J Dilla, his love for boom bap beats and crusty samples keeps his style trapped in the heyday of Hip-Hop. It’s more of a way of life than a hobby or profession. The Big La loves Hip-Hop, so he just does Hip-Hop.


A Hip-Hop DJ since the age of 12, The Big La, Todd Kelley started by making pause-mix cassette tapes for the neighborhood by jury-rigging his mother’s stereo to his dual-tap boom box. From there, he graduated to performing traditional DJ sets during weekend warehouse parties. By the time he reached college, he traded in those live sets for uploading and sharing music and mixes online during the early days of streaming content. From his decade-long tenure with flowink.com to his current self-branded music, you can find his latest shows, Prototype of Nu-Soul, The Background Flow and Return of The Boom-Bap hosted on mixcloud.com.

Past Clients