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I Can’t Get Enough of Fauna Hues

“Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. “It’s an instruction we’re all familiar with when it comes to flying, but for LA singer-songwriter Fana Hues, the air travel rule poetically mirrors the acts of self care that have led to her forthcoming collection, flora fana. Out March 25 via Bright Antenna, the 11 tracks of flora + fana follow her debut offering, 2020’s Hues, and depict a musically exquisite and conceptually cohesive next chapter for the compelling chanteuse. A dreamy and reflective sonic ecosystem, the collection finds Fana new and improved-“I’m a singer, singer” she says, touching on the self assured, smooth-as-silk vocals that accompany careful, groovy, acoustically-inclined production. On the cover, Fana rests inside a glass globe filled with lush plants and flowers, enclosed within her own world, tending to her own garden. While it may seem an obvious choice for a record titled to nod to flowers and reclaim the proper Ethiopian pronunciation of her name, it’s also a meaningful and apt visual for an artist set on expressing the period of growth she currently finds herself in. “I’ve been learning that in order to be of service in any type of way, I need to be sound, I need to be solid,” she explains. Only in caring for ourselves can we sustain the work of caring for others.