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20+ years of spinning my favorite Hip-Hop, R&B+Soul, Classic Soul and Lofi beats.

It’s always been in me to bring music to the world. Even at a young age, whenever I heard a song that i liked, i wanted to share it with any and everyone around me. In the mid-80’s, I use to religiously listen to live events from Uncle Jamm’s Army broadcasted live from the LA Sports Arena on the legendary radio station, AM STEREO 1580 KDAY. I’d listen to the entire 3 hour broadcast, with a tape recorder pressed up against the radio speaker so i could record it, and then make duplicates to give to my friend. Because of that, I became the guy to get new music from. And it was then I became curious the role of DJ’s outside of backing up rappers.

Over the years after that, I started to develop the skills to properly ‘rock a party’. There’s more to it than just playing the hottest records. There’s a formula to keep your crowd moving.. when to play high energy dance songs, then slow jams, and classics… linking all of those to keep the crowd from getting bored doing the same thing. By the age of 16, I was sneaking away from home at night to partly DJ warehouse parties hosted in LA’s industrial district… a clear highlight to my adolescence. From there, I went to college and learned the process of becoming an on-air DJ with the college radio station, which added a different element to the spinning process. I ended my ‘broadcast’ career submitting mix sessions to various ‘pirate radio stations’, which was where I started to get my name around.

In 2006, i joined the media collective Flowink, LLC. and eventually became the Music Director, vigoriously releasing monthly mixes for 4 highly rated shows. Ths taught me about engaging with artists and building relationships that would keep new and unleased music coming to my inbox. I stayed with Flowink for a decade before just continuing by shows under my own brand. Today, I still do guest DJ spots for high profile mixshows and podcasts like 1indienation, RapTS Radio, and Keakie. But the bulk of my current mix shows are posted here or on my mixcloud account. Below is a short list of my current mix shows.


The Prototype of Nu-Soul (R&B/Soul)

Welcome to “The Prototype of Nu-Soul,” where we curate an hour-long journey through the freshest sounds of underground R&B and independent soul. Join us as we dive into a sonic oasis, handpicking the gems that resonate with the soul music aficionados. From velvety vocals to groove-inducing beats, each episode is a laid-back yet invigorating exploration of the genre’s evolution. So, grab your favorite beverage, sink into your comfiest chair, and let the smooth vibes wash over you. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, prepare to be enchanted by the soul-stirring melodies on this auditory escapade.

The Low End Blend (Lofi and experimental beats)

Welcome to “The Low-End Blend,” an hour-long oasis where we immerse ourselves in the finest Lofi beats, hip-hop instrumentals, and experimental loops. Dive into a sonic journey curated for the soulful connoisseurs, blending laid-back vibes with cool beats to create the ultimate auditory escape. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day or seeking inspiration, our carefully crafted mix will transport you to a realm where time slows down and creativity flows freely. So, grab your headphones, sink into your favorite chair, and let the smooth rhythms and soulful melodies of “The Low-End Blend” wash over you.

Return of The Boom Bap (Modern Classic-style Hip-Hop)

Welcome to “The Return of The Boom Bap,” a timeless journey back to the essence of classic-style hip-hop. For the true aficionados who yearn for the golden era of boom bap beats and raw lyricism, this hour-long show is a sanctuary. Immerse yourself in the soulful rhythms, gritty samples, and authentic storytelling that defined hip-hop’s renaissance. Each episode is a homage to the pioneers and innovators who shaped the genre, curated with care to transport you to the streets where it all began. So, kick back, nod your head to the nostalgic vibes, and rediscover the magic of “The Return of The Boom Bap.”

The Retro Rap Show (80/90/00 Era Hip-Hop)

Welcome to “The Retro Rap Show,” where we take you on a nostalgic journey through the golden age of hip-hop. In this hour-long homage to the era of Boom Bap beats and soulful samples, we celebrate the timeless classics that laid the foundation for the culture. From the gritty streets to the underground scene, immerse yourself in the raw lyricism and infectious rhythms that defined a generation. Join us as we pay homage to the pioneers and legends who shaped hip-hop’s renaissance. So, sit back, relax, and let the cool vibes of “The Retro Rap Show” transport you to a bygone era of true artistic expression.

Full Mixshow Archive Available On Demand

I addition to my current mixshows, I have a full archive of all my previous series available on demand. Click the covers.