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Is The CW’s Gotham Knights Dead On Arrival? Or Can It Live Long Enough To Defy Expectations?

As the Arrowverse slowly dies from cancellations due to the new direction at Warner Bros., no one expected Gotham Knights to see the light of day. Focusing on the children of famous heroes and villains who are framed for the murder of Batman, this show (for some reason) has similar themes as the 2022 video game of the same name, which was released to mixed reviews.

After watching the pilot, I have to ask “who is this show for”? It feels like every of CW Arrowverse show, even though it’s been proven by cancellations that the show’s ‘Arrowverse formula’ has run its course. Personally, I’m sick of Batman shows that ‘kill’ Batman, or exist ‘before’ Batman. They’ve given us a decent Superman show that’s on its 3rd season. Just stop playing with our emotions and give Batman, please!