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Joint of The Moment: “Went Diamond” by Roc Marciano

An MC and producer from New York City’s tradition-rich Long Island, Roc Marciano is well-respected for his moody, claustrophobic beats and stream-of-consciousness, heavily stylized lyrics. Briefly affiliated with Flipmode Squad early in his career, he formed the short-lived crew the U.N. during the early 2000s before going solo, earning massive acclaim for his self-produced 2010 full-length Marcberg.

Collaborating with rappers and producers like Q-Tip, Ka, and Action Bronson, subsequent releases such as 2013’s Marci Beaucoup and 2018’s RR2: The Bitter Dose featured more experimental production as well as sharper lyricism. Numerous collaborations appeared during the early 2020s, including 2022’s The Elephant Man’s Bones, produced by the Alchemist, and 2023’s Nothing Bigger Than the Program with Jay Worthy.