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My First Audiobook: “The Last Days of Raggedy Anne & Andy” Is Almost Ready To Go!

So at the start of every year, instead of ‘resolutions’, I give myself 5-6 creative and/or educational projects I need to complete over the next twelve months. This year, one of my big pushes was to turn at least 3 of my finished short stories into audiobooks! Not to be sold or anything… Just have the experience of hearing my words being read back to me and seeing if it has as much impact as the written page. I was planning on using and hiring a cheap narrator to do it. But I stumbled onto a pretty good AI voice site, Well Said Labs. The AI voices are better than decent and come pretty close to passing for real voices. So I’ve been working on making my writings ‘text-to-speech’ friendly. My first short story, ‘The Final Days of Raggedy Anne & Andy’ is pretty close to finished. I just need to fine-tune a few words the AI is pronouncing wrong and I should reach my first milestone. The other 2 stories, ‘Behold The Pale Horse’, and ‘The Art of Parallels’ will be next, once I nail down the process.