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ToddyAwards2022: Binge ReWatch of The Year

I don’t know why I can’t get enough of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. It was the first MCU-centric television show out the gate. But over the years and after more popular shows release on Neflix, Disney+ and other streaming services, AoS has become something of a bastard stepchild compared to the other shows. It doesn’t help that the people at Marvel are very ambiguous on whether this show is even canon with the movies (at this point the consensus is probably “no”).

In truth, this show is hands down my favorite of the MCU shows, even after all these years. I have to admit the show started out pretty generic and unimpressive. It actually felt less ‘cinematic’ than the movies, and more ABC tv show. The characters were your generic hero archetypes, the writing would be a bit ‘cringy’ in spots and the ‘monster of the week’ format seemed to detach it from it’s association with the MCU, even when they tried a half dozen times to tie into the movies. 

But something happened at the start of season 2. After Marvel’s movie division repeated prohibiting the show from using material and actors from. the movies, the show runners decided to throw caution to the wind and to deviate from the movie plots… and start doing their own thing. From there, we got these incredible stories with espionage, aliens, demons, evil robots, and even time travel! Throw in some guest appearances by some Marvel favorites (i.e. Ghost Rider, Mockingbird, Deathlok, etc.), and we got one hell of a fun ride for seven seasons.

If get a chance, watch this who and hang on until season 2. I guarantee you’ll be in love with the characters and having a fun watch.