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Video Portfolio

Whether it’s professional or personal, I’ve always had the need to create. From my early days of drawing, writing and painting, to my latter professional years of design, music and video, I’ve constantly been obsessed with the process of creating something for nothing. I wear a few hats. I am a Design Creative of 20+ years. I am is videographer, focusing on editing, and motion graphics over the last decade. And no matter what the medium is, the goal is to just create.

Products and Services

Passion and Innovation
ARC Document Solutions
Deliver Trust At Every Touchpoint
Tint by Filestack
Design & Construction Productivity
ARC Document Solutions
ARC Document Solutions
ARC Document Solutions
ARC Document Solutions
The New Platform
Take Control of Managed Print Services
ARC Document Solutions
Product Video
The Value of Mobility
ARC Document Solutions
Archive Information Management
ARC Document Solutions
Introducing SKYSITE SmartScreen

Customer Testimonials

Mobile Drives Team Productivity
Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel
The Value of Mobility
Getting Work Done with Mobile Access
Orange County Florida
Improved Service with Mobile
Lodi Unified School District
Mobile App Improves Productivity
City of Wilsonville
Project Information Management
Hensel Phelps
Hyperlinking Construction Documents
Clark Construction
Archiving and Information Services
FFA Architecture
Taking The Complexity out of Projects
Exxel Pacific
Life At ARC: David
ARC Document Solutions
Life At ARC: Stacey
ARC Document Solutions​​
Life At ARC: Ted
ARC Document Solutions​​​

Music Videos and Promotions

Some content may not be safe for the workplace. Streamer’s discretion is advised.

The Haskins Family​
Eagle Eye
DJ Lordjazz x Aarophat​
Apple Whiskey Chicken Lollipops
Seagram's 7 x Kitchern Rebel Recipes
Deeper (NSFW)
Roman Tha Ryder + DJ Spinz
Sean-Toure Video Remix Project 2
Sean-Toure + Big La
ARIA: Arts Resources in Action
San Francisco Opera Education
Roamin’ (NSFW)
Roman Tha Ryda
Fried Wontons Tutorial
Kitchern Rebel Recipes
Sassy LA
The Gingerbread House
Kitchen Rebel

Parodies and other fun stuff

Play Video
Fifth Element Opening Credits
Play Video
From Dusk Till Dawn/Buffy
Play Video
Godzilla vs. Kong/Space 1999
Play Video
The ARC Office, Part 1 (Parody)
ARC Document Solutions
Play Video
The ARC Office, Part 2 (Parody)
ARC Document Solutions