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You Should Be Listening To Norman Sann

From an early age Norman Sann has had a shine. The backdrop of his beginnings is all too normal these days, but Norman was built differently. Norman Sanchez was born in Houston, Texas to a single mother. His father was serving time in jail and his older brothers were busy making moves in the street. For Norman, the music called louder than the streets. Norman’s mother, despite struggles, sought to enroll Norman in acting classes and spent her time introducing him to all creative cultures. He was quickly enamoured with music. The storytelling of country music spoke to him, the passion in gospel fed his soul, and the rhythmic melodies of hiphop, jazz, latin, dubstep, and 80’s synth-pop worked to guide the beat of his heart. He picked up the trombone in junior high band. Then percussion. Not long after, he found the guitar, harmonica, piano and organ. Self taught in most, Norman never realized he was building a foundation, feeding a musical soul. In 2010, Norman graduated and became an audio engineer where he began making beats and experimenting with his sound. Countless hours were spent in the studio listening to other musicians create. With a unique gift for beat making and lyrical wordplay, it isn’t hard to see why everyone believes in Norman’s message. You won’t find 808s or mumbling on tracks. You won’t hear auto-tune or curse words. What you will hear is “puro”, music that uplifts communities through truth, raw vocab and grimey beats.