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Aarophat x The Big La are A/B Positive

Unfortunately, we never got to release this project officially. I’d been collaborating with Aarophat for a number of years and he contributed some of the dopest hip-hop verses to my annual releases. We decided to do a full length project, which unfortunately seemed to materialized at the worst time. Life kinda got int the way for both of us at the time so the project. stalled.

I planned for it to be somewhere around 17-18 cuts, and Aarophat submitted all the vocals. But I never got around to finishing the beats for the last few. Still, these 14 joints feels like the most cohesive project I’ve ever helped put together. I don’t know if Aarophat wants to revisit this someday, but it’s still makes me proud to listen to “A/B Positive” in it’s current form.