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Comic Book Pull List for April 17th

This week, we have an all-Marvel pull list… most of them being Spider-comics. Throw in the very enjoyable Black Widow/Hawkeye and Ultimate Black Panther and we have a nice, quick reading list for this week. But book 5 of Avengers: Twilight dropped, so you know it has to be book of the week!

Comic Book of The Week:
Avengers: Twilight #5

by Zdarsky / Acuña

The highlight of this week’s comic selection boiled down to a tough choice between the second installment of The Spectacular Spider-men and the penultimate chapter of Avengers Twilight. As soon as I delved into the pages of Avengers Twilight, I knew it had earned its place as the chosen one. This limited series has been a delightful homage to the rapid-fire event stories of yesteryears, seamlessly blending nostalgia with fresh storytelling.

Chip Zdarsky, already a stalwart in the realm of comics with his commendable stints on titles like Sex Criminals, Batman, and Daredevil, continues to impress. His latest endeavor, this alternate reality tale of the Avengers, further cements his position among my top 5 favorite comic writers of all time.

In this gripping issue, we witness the culmination of the Red Skull’s sinister scheme, aided by none other than Ultron himself, to seize control of the White House and subsequently the entire nation. Years of cunning propaganda have effectively deceived the populace, enabling the Skull to entrench himself in Washington DC with apparent popular support. However, the reconstituted Avengers—comprising Captain America, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, and the newly minted Hawkeye—swiftly mount a resistance against the Skull’s indoctrinated forces.

Zdarsky masterfully maintains a brisk pace without sacrificing depth, deftly weaving a narrative rife with consequential ramifications across the compact span of this six-issue series. Despite the breakneck speed, the story unfolds organically, never feeling rushed. And with a tantalizing cliffhanger introducing the Hulk into the fray, one can’t shake the ominous feeling that not all our beloved heroes will emerge unscathed from the impending showdown.

As always, the artistic prowess of Daniel Acuña, complemented by the iconic covers by Alex Ross, elevates the visual experience to new heights. With the eagerly awaited finale looming on the horizon, anticipation runs high for what promises to be an epic, potentially perilous climax. Here’s hoping that amidst the chaos, the indomitable spirit of Steve Rogers perseveres to see another day!

Rating: 4/5

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