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Comic Book Pull List: Jan 31st, 2024

This week was pretty good.. even if short on issues. “Wolverine’s ‘Sabertooth War'” picked up steam, “Dead X-Men” debuted with the surprise return of some deceased favorites, the final issue of Al Ewing’s “Avengers, Inc.” dropped with a somewhat satisfying end, and I picked up a few trades I’d been looking at for a while from “Batman”, “Sabertooth” and “Blade”. But the pick of the week has to still be Chip Zdarsky’s ‘Elseworlds’ story of Captain America fighting back at a future fascist America in “Avengers Twilight #2”

Comic of The Week:
Avengers: Twilight #2

After finishing this issue of “Avengers: Twilight”, I realized this was Chip Zdarksy doing Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” with an aged Captain America in the Batman role. And you know? I’m cool with it. The last issue was all world-building and setting up the story. In the end, an aged Luke Cage, the leader of the resistance group The Defenders managed to recruit a senior citizen Steve Rogers by giving him back his depleted super soldier serum. In this issue, we got to see the original Cap out in the street doing what he does best and starting the ground-swell of resistance with the populace. But the Powers That Be, consisting of The PotUS controlled by (I believe) The Red Skull and Ultron, are not happy with this and are starting to push back. While Steve goes out and tries to re-recruit any remaining heroes still alive (so far, Kamala Khan), the cliffhanger teases the return of Tony Stark whose whereabouts is unknown.

As always, Daniel Acuña’s artwork is on point and Zdarsky is weaving a gritty street-level noir, similar to what he did on his excellent run on Daredevil. These first two issues have been about building suspense. I don’t know where this is going, but If Zdarsky takes the same care he did with his street-level even “Devil’s Reign”, then all I need to do is sit back and enjoy (I believe) my favorite comic of the moment

Rating: 3.75/5

Best of The Rest: