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Comic Book Pull List: May 8th, 2024

This is the week thast Blood Hunt, Marvel’s vampire-themed event really kicked in to full swing. Seven storyline tie-ins were released, and to be honest… they were all pretty much lackluster. Usually in these events, the first few weeks are pretty intense. But this crop of tie-ins just really didn’t hit that well. Out of all them, the one that really did stand out but my pick of the week… but for a different reasion:

Comic Book of The Week:
The Avengers #14
MacKay / Villa

There’s really noting in comics like when Captain America cries out “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE”! Indeed Avengers comics where they assemble the teams are one of my favorites. In Jed MacKay’s Avengers #14, we get that. And even with the event as a whole not really hitting that excitement, having Steve Rogers back on the book and doing what he does best, inspiring heroes to rise up, is something to behold.

In the midst, of the vampire attack on New York, the current main roster of Avengers were the first to get hit, leaving them knocked out of the main batter. So Steve Rogers puts out an Avengers Priority Alert reaching out to any and every available heroe on the roster to assemble. What we get is a hodge podge of Avengers from different teams and different times. Hercules, Quicksilver, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), and Hazmat. At first glance, the line-up of B and C-level Avengers seems to be a letdown, but Cap does what he does best. He mobilizes the heroes into one hell of a team that just seems to work. And add to that, Cap’s new silver-tipped shield (which was made when he was a werewolf), it’s all types of awesome.

With the exception of Kate Bishop, i could care less about the other members, but they slowly started to grow on me, and I think it’s the way Jed MacKay is writing them… especially Quicksilver. He makes you feel this is the absolute perfect team to deal with the vampire attack, and that’s saying a lot. C.F. Villa’s and Federico Blee’s art really good for the need action scenes.

This a fun assemble/team-up book, but it’s lacking the serverity needed for the moment. I hope he sticks with the team through the event, and maybe they get the honor of saving the A-Team from whoever’s behind the attack.

Rating: 3.5/5

Best of The Rest: