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I’m Starting A New Project: “Open 24 Hours”

When the year started, I was focused on putting together a project dedicated to my collaborative efforts with Dantrel “Fave” Robinson. I was taking everything he’d told me and taught me and just putting myself out there, composing songs without the crutch of a lot of sampling. As time went on and I started to get more confident in instrumentation, the project took a turn, and became more focused on exploring my creativity with no limitations. I am finally at a point where I can create the songs I hear in my head almost perfectly. The reason it’s called “Open 24 Hours” is because I worked on songs around the clock and no hour was safe from me getting a spark of creativity. I’m thinking with the lack of samples, this will be my first release on Spotify. I’m not looking or listeners. I’m crossing yet another few things off my bucket list. Open 24 HoursĀ should drop on all major platforms sometime around September.