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I’m Starting A New Project: “Open 24 Hours”

When the year started, I was focused on putting together a project dedicated to my collaborative efforts with Dantrel "Fave" Robinson. I was taking everything he'd told me and taught me and just putting myself out there, composing songs without the crutch of a lot of sampling. As time went on and I started to get more confident in instrumentation, the project took a turn, and became more focused on exploring my creativity with no limitations. I am finally at a point where I can create the songs I hear in my head almost perfectly. The reason it's called "Open…

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Cover Art for 2024 Project: “Uh, I Don’t Understand”

So, I think I got the cover art for my next project. The title comes from a running joke I used to have with my boy Trel Fave Robinson. I recently remembered where the name came from. Anytime we worked together, he’d trip about the drums I used. And when I’d try to explain why I picked those drums, he’d just laugh and say “Uh, I don’t understand, man. But keep doin’ what you doin’”. And since this is a continuation of our process of trying to stay away from samples and use all MIDI instruments, I wanted to have…

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In Production: “Free (Mommy’s Song)” by Doyle Robinson

Working with Doyle Robinson on music is an ongoing project. He's the primary artist that allows me to try new things with his lyrics and stretch my creative wings. His latest joint is swinging more into the house/dance genre and comes from a poem his mother wrote. It feels like something's missing at the moment so I'm putting another week of tinkering in. But it's coming along.

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