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Rapsody Teams Up With Erykah Badu To Drop “3 A.M.” 🔥 🔥 🔥

Following a four-year break from unveiling her own solo tracks, Rapsody makes a comeback with her fourth studio album “Please Don’t Cry,” set to drop on 5/17/24. With 22 tracks, the album aims to peel back the layers of Marlanna Evans’ persona. This new release showcases a more introspective side of the immensely talented rapper as she delves deeper into her artistry, displaying a heightened level of vulnerability compared to her previous works. The album rollout commenced with the release of “Asteroids,” featuring the three-time Grammy Award-winning producer Hit-Boy. Subsequently, Rapsody premiered “3:AM feat. Erykah Badu” at Erykah’s Birthday Bash, followed by the release of the poignant music video for “Stand Tall,” featuring acclaimed actress Sanaa Lathan.

Accompanying the promotional campaign are deliberate moments, including strategically placed billboards across her cherished home state of North Carolina. These billboards feature tweets from her fans expressing support for Rap’s resurgence in the hip-hop scene, accompanied by the hashtag #RapIsBack. Four years in the making, “Please Don’t Cry” marks Rapsody’s first full-length album since 2019’s “Eve.” Anticipated to receive widespread acclaim, the album boasts collaborative efforts from the likes of Phylicia Rashad, Erykah Badu, Lil Wayne, Alex Isley, Niko Brim, and Baby Tate, among others.