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Comic Book Pull List for May 15th, 2024

The was a pretty ‘meh’ week for my pull list. We got a couple of Blood Hunt event tie-ins and a couple X-comics wrapping up the Krakoan Era. It was so light, I added Brian Bendis’ latest comic run so i could play catch up. But somewhere inside this sea of ‘meh’, Johnathan Hickman popped up writing as one-shot starring one of the coolest Marvel villains out there… so it HAD TO BE my pick up the week!

Comic of the Week: Doom #1
Hickman / Greene

Fans of Hickman will immediately recognize his signature style—complex storytelling, intricate world-building, and deep, philosophical undertones. In Doom #1, the children of The Fantastic Four revive a near-dead Victor Von Doom in the post-apocalyptic galaxy where the planet-eating Galactus has surrender to his hunger devoured most of the known galaxy. Valeria and Franklin Richards, detail the end of the universe as they revive and power up Doom for a final confrontation with a Mad Galactus.

As usual, Hickman weaves a tale that challenges both the protagonist and the reader’s perception of power and destiny. And let’s be honest. Very few writers and write the inner monolgue of Doom like Hickman. Sanford Greene’s rough, scratchy pencils work perfecly with this end-time what-if story… Very manga-inspired and perfectly complimented by the colors of both Greene and Rachelle Rosenberg.

In a week that was pretty ‘week’, Hickman Doom stands prominently at the top of my stack. And i have to admit, it would probably still be on top no matter what was in my comic pile. This is a solid comic that I hope doesn’t stay just a one-shot.

Rating: 4/5

Best of The Rest: