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Comic Pull List for November 15th, 2023

Book of The Week:
Outsiders #1

That’s right! In a week where there are Spider-man, X-Men, and Avengers comics, I pull a swerve and pick a DC book as my favorite for this week. Why? For a number of reasons. The big one is I’m a big fan of Batwoman as a character. But to be real, she hasn’t had a good story since Greg Rucka and JH Williams ran in Detective Comics back in 2009. Throw in Luke Fox (Batwing), and there might be something here. This volume of Outsiders also seems to buck the tradition of being led by Batman. And I hope it stays that way. For issue #1, I’m not particularly a fan of Roger Carey’s art. It’s not bad so I’m sure it’ll grow on me pretty soon. I just wish cover artist Roger Cruz (an artist I used to love back in the day) actually did this issue. I’m not familiar with Jackson Lanzig, or Collin Kelly’s writing but I really enjoyed this issue. To be fair it’s not a fair critique since I’m a big fan of ‘team building’ issues.

I haven’t really enjoyed a DC comic since Tom Taylor and Clayton Henry’s 6-issue run on The Adventures Of Superman Jon Kent earlier this year. But this first issue was good enough for me to stick around and see what happens next. (3.5/5)

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